Membership Support and Development

Expand the reach of the network and assist the member NGOs in enhancing the capacities in the implementation of Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD) based projects.

Research, Documentation, Information System

Generate learning experiences from the ground implementation of NGO members and be able to utilize them in improving the approaches in development work, management of programs and projects, as well as in policy advocacy.

Program Support: Towards innovative models for SIAD and other development approaches

Provide assistance to the members in formulating and developing models as framework in implementing development program in the countrysige considering various conditions, sectors and themes.

Policy Advocacy

Through lobbying, representations, and partnership with other groups, influence the policy-making process both at the national and local level, that affect the development of the countryside.

Resource Mobilization and Financial Sustainability

To install a mechanism to divesify the source of revenues to sustain the operations of PhilDHRRA as a Network.

Network Management Efficiency

To develop a secretariat that effectively and efficiently performs the task mandated by the Network.

Strategic Plan

PhilDHRRA reaffirms the SIAD as its overall framework in conducting programs in rural communities. It is anchored on the need to integrate the various initiatives in a geographically defined area to address diverse yet interrelated issues of the people.

As a framework, it needs to be translated into specific programs depending on specific needs of the communities, the resources and capacities available. The strategy assumes that the development and implementation of SIAD prograkms are the main responsibility of the NGO members. The role of PhilDHRRA as a network is to provide support to them so that they may become more capacitated to implement those program and projects at the ground level.