Rekindling the National Land Use Campaign through Inter Sectoral Solidarity and Capacity Building

This project generally seeks to:

  1. To increase the legislators, decision makers and people’s consciousness on the importance of NLUA in providing a rational, holistic, and just allocation, utilization, management, and development of the country's land resources in ensuring their optimum use consistent with the principle of sustainable development that will eventually lead to the passage of the NLUA bill.
  2. To enhance the capacity of local leaders representing various sectors (POs) and locally-based NGOs to mainstream in local development planning especially the formulation of the CLUP s that pursue sustainable and optimum use of land at the local level with their respective LGUs.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To revise the NLUA bill to also address new pressures on resources such as climate change and conflicting claims brought about by conflicting laws among others;
  2. To conduct a more active NLUA campaign and lobby work at the local and national level to make NLUA a national and electoral issue;
  3. To expand membership of the National Land Use Act (NLUA) campaign coalition to more sectors and stakeholders;
  4. To capacitate POs and NGOs on participatory comprehensive land use planning through training and piloting of a CSO-LGU partnership in 2 municipalities to develop policies for the sustainable use and protection of agricultural lands in general;
  5. To develop improved information and campaign materials on NLUA for lobbying and awareness-raising and popular materials on CLUP for capacity building.

Philippine Farmers for Food Project (Component: Capacity Building on Participatory Local Governance, and, Climate Change and Agriculture)

One of the objectives of this project is: "to enhance the sustainability of interventions by strengthening the productive capacities and the governance of the agricultural sector by means of improving - through the action of producers' organizations - the system for input provision, technology and knowledge transfer and marketing in key food products and through institutionalizing and strengthening the participation of farmers' representatives in various relevant policy fora."

Bantay Agri Project of PhilDHRRA Visayas