Be a Member

The existence of PhilDHRRA as a network is made possible because of the decision of its members to work together on certain aspect of development work which they believe are important yet they can not effectively do if they work individually. Thus, the mandate of PhilDHRRA as expressed in its Vision and Mission is to assist its members in their areas of work in order that NGOs can become effective channel of development in the rural areas.

The participation of the members to the Network is as important as the relevance of the Network to its members.

Criteria for Membership

  1. A primary social development / non-government organization whose mandate is on rural development servicing grassroots communities/basic sectors.
  2. A formal organization duly registered with the SEC and actively implementing relevant project for the least two (2) years.
  3. Able to manifest accountability, integrity, credibility, and commitment to people’s participation.
  4. Endorsed by at least 2 regular members included therein the certification that said PhilDHRRA members has provided to the prospective applicant some orientation about what PhilDHRRA is all about.
  5. Must subscribe to PhilDHRRA's Vision and Mission

Requirement for Membership

  1. A letter of intent from the SDOs/NGOs Executive Director with a resolution from its Board of Trustees signifying its intention to apply for membership in PhilDHRRA.
  2. A copy of the SDOs/NGOs SEC Registration and Constitution and By-Laws.
  3. A copy of the SDOs/NGOs latest Annual Report.
  4. Endorsement in the form of Board Resolution from two (2) regular NGO members of PhilDHRRA operating in the region where the applicant organization operates.
  5. Payment of membership fee.

Procedures in Applying for Membership

  1. The applicant organization will send a letter of intent, together with a formal resolution from its Board, signifying interest to apply for membership addressed to the appropriate Regional Board of Trustees of PhilDHRRA. (e.g. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
  2. Secure and accomplish the two (2) sets of questionnaires from the Regional Secretariat. Submit it to the Regional Secretariat with all other requirements as stated above.
  3. In the case of an applicant NGO is operating in more than one region; application must be addressed to the Regional Board in the region where it is most active.
  4. The concerned Regional Secretariat shall schedule a field visit to the NGO-applicant for validation of documents submitted. The field visit shall include: site visitation of project areas, meeting with beneficiaries/sectors assisted, meeting with staff and line personnel, meeting with Executive Director and/or Board of Trustees. The regional secretariat shall already explain to the applying NGO its responsibilities and privileges as a member.
  5. The Regional Coordinator shall submit the application of the NGO concerned to the Regional Board of Trustees during its regular meeting. He/she shall render a report on result of the field visits to the NGO applicant.
  6. The Regional Board shall assess the merits/demerits of the applicant based on all documents and reports presented. The screening process requires a 2/3 attendance of the Regional Board.
  7. The Regional Coordinator shall inform the NGO applicant of the Regional Board decision.
  8. If the membership application is approved, the new member NGO is conferred an Associate Member status – a one year probationary membership period.
  9. After one year of Associate Member status, the member shall apply for regular membership provided that it has successfully acquired the certification from the PCNC.
  10. The Regional Board of Trustees of PhilDHRRA shall decide on whether to accept or not the application of the membership status of the concerned new Associate NGO member.
  11. The Regional Secretariat will inform the National Board of the new Associate Members and/or Regular members accepted by the regions. They will be officially presented as new member (associate or regular) to the General Assembly for confirmation. A Certificate of Membership shall be issued by the National Board.